God Eater: Promotion Anime Trailers & New Screens

Bandai Namco’s

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big budget PSP title God Eater is also getting its own anime to be produced by ufotable, check out the trailer of God Eater: The First Mission (set six years before events in the game) above. There are also a bunch of new screens for the game at Dengeki, check them out after the jump.

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Post Mortem: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Part 1)

Monster Hunter 5th AnniversaryI have always wanted to post more about Monster Hunter, especially in its 5th anniversary year, but just couldn't find the time to properly do it. Hope this article, an interview Famitsu PSP + PS3 did

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late last year, is a start. Really love the series, especially Monster Hunter Portable, very much and I know it has quite a number of fans here but not sure how many. So do tell me if you want more articles like this in future so I'm more motivated to do so :)

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, planner Shintaro Kojima and director Yasunori Ichinose.

Goal: A Big Hit

They were first asked if MHP 2ndG's success was expected. Tsujimoto says their goal when developing the game was indeed for it to become a hit in Japan and although they expect the game to have long legs but were surprised to see the game reaches 2 million copies so quickly (in 50 days and it has since sold more than 3 copies).

MHP 2ndG was announced in TGS 2007 and even though only the title and its save data transfer with MHP 2nd were revealed, the responses from the gamers were great. Tsujimoto says a combination of players' expectations and great memories of MHP 2nd were probably the reasons behind it. Kojima adds that they were worried if they can meet such a huge expectation and didn't know to what extend they can deliver.

Tsujimoto says the fact that players can start the game with MHP 2nd's save data changed their perception of the game and give them the impression that it's an ongoing game. As a result, he was asked plenty of times about the extend of save data transfer. Ichinose says his answers is “almost” everything can be carried over but they were still asked to be more specific. Something Tsuimoto says they just couldn't give the exact answer at the time because there isn't a clear line between what can and can't be transferred.

Ichinose says there are players who have spent more than 1,000 hours or at least hundreds of hours on MHP 2nd, so it's important not to make them feel that they have wasted all those hours and MHP 2ndG is being made as a way to repay their investment in the game. Tsujimoto says with MHP 2ndG, they had a choice to make players start over again or continuing the game while enjoying the new elements and they picked the latter.

Famitsu says MHP 2nd's players encouraging new players to buy the game could be the reason behind the explosive sales. Tsujimoto agrees but he says it's also because the timing to switch from MHP 2nd to MHP 2ndG is just right. Kojima says another reason could be players who have been playing since the beginning feels like they should continue playing with MHP 2ndG.

Famitsu asked if the impressive sales result changed their thinking, to which Tsujimoto says he sees no changes for himself and Kojima feels that they have more responsibilities now. He also jokes that Tsujimoto now has more crazy suggestions for the game as a result of that. Famitsu then asked if it will change the way they develop future games in the MHP series. Tsujimoto says it will still be a multiplayer focused game but they always look into ways to expand existing mechanics. One good example is the addition of Otomo Ailu that will helps players who don't play a lot of multiplayer.

Key Monster: Narugakuruga

The original idea for MHP 2ndG is G-Rank quests but in order to avoid the notion that they are simply recycling monsters from previous games, new moves were to be added to existing monsters. A sub-species of Tigarex was the original idea of “new” monster but thankfully, after some discussions, they decided to create an all new monster, the Narugakuruga.

On the concept behind Narugakuruga, the developers started by looking at the new map Jyukai and the monsters that are likely to live inside. Ichinose says that the instruction from Tsujimoto was to avoid Tigarex's more direct attacking styles and has something different. Kojima admits that it's not a simple task to create a main monster because it is something that players have to fight throughout the game and they certainly do not want it to have a too much similarity with other monsters. Dinosaurs and various animals that are likely to live in Jyukai were researched in order to achieve the same impact as Tigarex does in MHP 2nd.

As a result, an extremely cunning monster was created. It moves softly and quietly, attack from hunter's blind spot, often times without warning. One of the problems this created is it might not be easy for players to follow the monster on screen and plenty of time were spent at getting this just right. In the end, they are really happy with Narugakuruga and feels it holds up pretty well against previous cover monsters like Rioreusu and Kusharudaora. Something I think many of us will agree, the monster just look scary.

Balancing Issues

On the process of difficulty adjustments for Narugakuruga, Kojima says when the monster was first tested, the feedbacks were that it's too weak. They went back and make the monster stronger but still getting the same complains. It's a process that Kojima says is always tough and has the potential of ruining the entire balance of the game if done wrong. After testing with all the weapons and countless trials and errors, they found the most suitable difficulty level. However, bigger monster like Narugakuruga are relatively easy to adjust compared to the smaller ones because it's always tough to make a weak monsters stronger. Which is why they always make them stronger at first. Ichinose added that there were times when Narugakuruga is just too strong as well, to the point where as soon as you lose sight of it, the next thing you see is your base camp.

The developers were asked if there are other interesting things during balance adjustments. Tsujimoto says Hipknock was initially really strong and he was frequently beaten by the big bird, a monster that 'migrated' from Monster Hunter Frontier. The reason being that whenever it goes into rage mode, its continuous kicks was just too hard to avoid and as soon as he gets up after being kicked, another wave of kicks come right at him again. Ichinose explained that Hipknock's main attack is to put hunter to sleep but since a lot of MHP players play alone most of the time, it's probably inappropriate if they're asleep most of the time. After observing the way Turkey attacks its victims with legs, the idea of continuous kicks was born. Tsujimoto adds that Kojima's initial concept art for the move actually looks awkward and didn't really match with its joints.

Famitsu then asked how they explain these moves to the developers. Kojima say he will show videos of animal movements and provide some descriptions. But he has to demonstrate these moves to them sometimes, resulting in some hilarious meetings. They also explained how Narugakuruga's tail whip was described to the developers. Kojima say he first tell them how the monster swings its tail and how it should looks when doing such move. The developers were also asked to come up with ideas based on scorpions tail.


The developers' vision for the 'final boss' of MHP 2ndG is to have an all new monster that has the same level as Narugakuruga but based in the snowy areas (its home was a specially made map called Snowy Mountain Deep). However, they do not want it to has the same attacking styles as Narugakuruga and think it will be more appropriate if the it is huge and heavy looking, seeing it moves will makes you shake and requires new strategy to fight against it. As a result, Ukamurubasu was born and it's something that looks like a snow mover, it's mouth looks like a soil scoop and it's nails are like excavator scoop. Ichinose say it's actually harder to create than Narugakuruga while Kojima added that it's a monster that triggers avalanche.

Famitsu notes that it looks a little like MHP 2nd's 'final boss' Akamutorumu but feature a very different attacks. Kojima says Ukamurubasu's attacks timing require hunters to come out with a different strategy when facing it and they originally wanted it to be even bigger but that will make it impossible to dodge its dash attack. They were then asked to explain where did the name Ukamurubasu came from and Ichinose explain that it's a combination of white, snow and god (White God of Snow).

Among the reward for beating Ukamurubasu is it opens up new branch for some of the armors. Ichinose says this is to add to the longevity of the game and to encourage players to check out the lesser used armors for some of the tougher quests. Some weapons also see new extensions to their existing branches, something that was actually not planned for MHP 2ndG but was added much later in the development cycle after hearing some suggestions among the development team.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Get

TWO manuals and a Sticky Screen Cleaner are what you get for the Asia version of MHP 3rd.

Pardon my crappy photos, got the game today. In case you didn't know, is the version to get for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd at , as I have done with all the previous games. For less than (Update: Play-Asia has increase the price to $58.75…), you get the game plus Chinese manual and also the 'Sticky Screen Cleaner'. Haven't got a chance

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to launch the UMD yet but will do so later tonight. Meanwhile, waiting anxiously for the Hunter Model :) If you are getting the game too, have a good time!

UMD is here to stay :)A mini poster of Jinouga occupy the back cover.Haven't try out the screen cleaner yet, looks cool though.As you can see, this is quite a thick manual. In fact, it has been like this since the first game!

Things to do while at home, nothing much has changed.MHP 3rd is quite a complicated game, as this page will shows.What are those HUD for.Ahh... the first Monster Hunter Portable, little did I know that it could turn into a monster-class game for Capcom when I bought it back then.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Yukomo Tour

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Let's talk about some of the very first thing you will do in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Touring Yukomo. Click on the image above to see where the facilities are in the village.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The cat seller will not only let you hire Otomo Airu but also scout for the specific Airu that you wanted. Just tell her the attacking style, preferred targets, character or even the fur color! You can change the default name of Otomo Airu when hiring them. Click on the thumbnails below to see what are the screens for.

Choosing Otomo AiruNekobaaHire an Otomo AiruBrowsing Otomo Airu

Browsing Otomo AiruBrowsing Otomo AiruBrowsing Otomo AiruOtomo Scout

Otomo ScoutOtomo ScoutOtomo ScoutRenaming Otomo Airu

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MHP 3rd: Taking Care of Otomo Airu

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Otomo Airu is arguably the star of Monster

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Hunter Portable 3rd, fighting for magazine columns with the new monsters. For people who play MH alone most of the time, this is a great news as it makes the games even more happening. There's another feature about them in a recent issue of Weekly Famitsu, which tell us about their training, skills, customization and also the Monster Nyanta Team.

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MHP 3rd: Farming In Yukomo

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

To be honest, I think I spent more time in the village of the previous games than actually hunting :) Crafting weapons, upgrading armors and farming are a huge part of the game for me. So I'm super excited at the new look village in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which is now called Yukomo. The farm looks completely different now but all the facilities are still around.

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Gunman, Weapon Combination of Radiant Mythology 3

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3


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the first game quite a bit so I have been following the Famitsu reports of Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 (you can read the reveal interview here). The latest share a little information on the new Gunman Job Class, Weapon Combination inside Van Eltia (above) and also the new characters.

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The New Monsters of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd


Less than seven weeks before we'll find out how it's like to be fighting Jinouga, cover monster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP 3rd), in the night. The fierce (and odd) looking giant appears to have a completely new attacking mode in the night, shielding itself with a giant electric field that also send out electric waves randomly across the field.

There has been lot's of MHP 3rd information since my last post ages ago :) The following updates are up to and include the information from the last Weekly Famitsu issue that has MHP 3rd info in it.

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God Eater Burst: New Character & Moves

God Eater Burst

Glad that I am getting a much improved version of God Eater early next year thanks to the enhancements Namco is making to the original version. Set for release in Japan in two months' time, God Eater Burst new elements are being revealed in a recent issue of Weekly Famitsu.

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Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 Is Your ‘Personal RPG’

With over 80 characters from the Tales of series (up from 50 of the previous game), Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 is truly a festival that we can look forward to… if you know enough of Japanese that is :( The second game never made it out of Japan so don't count on this one either.

Another Kanonno (each game in the series has a different lead with the same name) will head the Guild again and your customized character is yet another fella who lost his/her memories. According to Producer Takashi Otachi, although they look almost the same, each Kanonno has a theme. “She was full of energy like 'summer' in the previous game. As for this game, she is 'autumn'. We also asked Aya Hirano the voice actor to make her feel more motherly”. Apparently there will be some sort of 'secret' to the latest Kanonno and it will be revealed later.

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Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

Buy games (Play-Asia.com)

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JP) $69.90
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Asia) $48.75
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Accessory Set) (JP) $34.90

*Discounted items in bold.

Buy games (YESASIA)

PSP-3000 Console Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Hunter's Model) (Console Only) (JP) $369.99
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JP) $61.99


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