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Hyperland Weekly (Dec 21): Shape The Future Edition

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Official Guide Book

Otomo Ailu looking at my new arrival Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Official Guide Book, but I’m not sure if the prospect of another 300 hours of hunting digital monsters chills or scare him though :) Yes, this is the Capcom-approved official guide for the game from the Famitsu staff and it’s 1,105 pages thick. I only briefly browse through it so far and as you’d expect from the people who are famed for their strategy guides, this looks professionally put together and seems to contain everything I need in order to catch up with those professional hunters at the Ad-Hoc Party.

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Hyperland Weekly (Nov 16)

Hyperland Weekly (Nov 16)

It has been a while since I last did Hyperland Weekly, a round-up of what I have been up to in a week. I went to Hong Kong early in the week, which explains the slow news in the site, it’s a lovely city to go as always and a place I will visit again soon. However, I didn’t get to buy as many toys or game related stuff as I wish this time but am very lucky to get Otomo Ailu (or Otomo Airou officially) from Capcom’s Official Monster Hunter X Touma Hunter Trading Figure ($7.49 at Play-Asia).

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Hyperland Weekly (Feb 11)

Hyperland Weekly

Got a call to collect my mags and I came back with four of them! One each from the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Game Weekly and the official PlayStation are rather old but the latter got me pretty excited about their God of War: Chains of Olympus review in the next issue. On to the two Famitsus. I usually only buy the excellent and parallel Weekly Famitsu Taiwan but that Tetsuya Nomura artwork on the Japanese cover means I’m $7.40 poorer this month. Famitsu’s mascot Necky, Squall (FFVIII & Dissidia: Final Fantasy), Cloud (FFVII & Crisis Core), Aya Brea (The 3rd Birthday) and one character each from the three FFXIII titles got the cover, and the mag has a 4-page interview with Nomura.

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Hyperland Weekly (Jan 26)

PixelJunk Monsters on PSP

The blog is back, with a slightly adjusted name, thanks to suggestions by PSPHyper resident reviewer and great RPG fans, Victor. On the other hand, the server transition last week hasn’t been that smooth, so some of you probably were sent to the old pages from the previous server, sorry about that. But the updates will be back in full swing starting next week as we look forward to the great PSP line-up in February and March.

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Weekend In Hyperland (Dec 30)


Japanese gamers or workers at gaming stores (where pretty much all the information on this site came from) usually has a little diary that comments on everything from their cats to games they are playing. I pretty like the idea, but obviously a busy working adult who happens to run a PSP information website can’t possibly write diary everyday, so here’s a weekly one for those who are interested and a chance to write about things that due to time constraint, can’t be posted on weekdays.

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CCFFVII: Portable Blog #02

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Portable Blog

Just finished the game, very reluctantly but that’s the original plan, finish the game’s main story and deal with the missions on second play. I have never played a sadder game than this, clocking at 19 hours, it feels much longer because of all the dramas that’s happening throughout the game. Nineteen hours are perhaps too short for many, and it could be a couple of hours shorter if I didn’t go off path and managed to get myself lost in the last dungeon, but I believe it feels just right once you played it yourself and this is portable game after all.

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CCFFVII: Portable Blog #01

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Portable Blog

Yeap, the blog is back, this time for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, I am going to write some impressions and interesting stuff found throughout the game. I am not done with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, even more so after MHP 2nd G was announced, but the recent influx of PSP games means the monsters will have to wait until I am done with this, plus Jeanne D’arc and Final Fantasy Tactics (coming in two weeks time), possibly even Castlevania and Disgaea, both next month… It just crazy for the PSP now.

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MHP 2nd: Portable Blog #020

New to MHP? Click here for a rookie guide

Took a little time off from playing Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology to raise my HR (Hunter Rank, Monster Hunter achievement system) to 4 in this never ending game (270 hours for me so far). Protected a fortress from two of the biggest monsters in the Monster Hunter universe (and probably the entire PSP games library), Lao Shan Lung and a Giant Crab (yeap, it is) with my brother.

Lao Shan Lung

Against the legendary Lao, we are basically fighting a moving mountain (the Japanese name can be literary translated as Old Mountain Dragon…), the PSP screen is constantly being filled up with the monster’s face, stomach or one of its legs. Although the monster won’t attack, we are basically fighting against time to repel him. So even it’s a one-way traffic in term of attacking, it’s as tense as any of the boss fights. In fact it probably is the most intense fight of the whole game because right after the lengthy (and unskipable, no matter how many times you’ve beaten it before…) intro, we are busy making, setting up or transporting bombs, climbing up and down, hacking and slashing, making last minute escape and a whole lots of other tasks.

I am yet to face this monster alone, but it has to be done sooner or latter and it’s just unthinkable.

Lao Shan Lung

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MHP 2nd: Portable Blog #019

New to MHP? Click here for a rookie guide

Took a couple of weeks off from the game to clear Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition and now I am back in the hunt. Met one of the creepiest monster of the game so far. It’s name, Oonazuchi, according to Thundrestrike from the PlayStation.com Forums. While there are a few out of the Monster Hunter world monster design in the game, the Kirin being one of them, none more so than Oonazuchi for me. It probably doesn’t looks so from the screen below but you must check it out in-game.

The monster appears to be created from a combination of several body parts from various creatures and it has the frog-like tongue that snares for your precious items. What’s more, it’s invisible for most of the time! However, you can still hurt it even if it’s still in stealth mode, so imaging you hitting at the air but blood are pouring out (which will probably had its volume reduced in the US version). Just pure fun!

While Oonazuchi is relatively easy to dispatch, it does features stealth attacks that fortunately, other monsters in the game don’t have. Most of the times you just won’t know where it will be coming from, and it’s only meters away from you when you realized it. This is certainly one of the highlights of the game for me so far.

Check out my (not always helpful) strategy against Oonazuchi here. Screenshot is Monster Hunter Frontier version of the same thing, just a whole lot bigger, via Famitsu.


MHP 2nd: Portable Blog #018

New to MHP? Click here for a rookie guide

Brought down a Kirin in the snow mountains last night. One of the iconic monsters of the game and it looks completely out of place for me as its design is so far away from all the heavily textured and huge size monsters. It was in Monster Hunter Freedom but I didn’t go that far to meet him and although there were fears that this could be a show stopper for me, it turns out to be quite easy, though not without the help of plenty of items and the preys that are in the same areas to wake me up when I am stunned by its thunders.

Monster Hunter Freedom Kirin

Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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