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A Trio of Dragon Quest Swords PSP Backgrounds

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirror is set to come out in Japan on July 12, it looks like it will surely tops every game in sight and continues Nintendo’s (world) domination, not only for having the longest possible name but also in terms of sales. Square, via Square Enix Members, has a nice wallpaper to celebrate the game’s release on their website, but here’s the PSP version, with a couple more after the jump.

Dragon Quest Swords PSP background

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Japanese Gaming Ads Round-Up #05

Gaming ads alway interest me, so here’s another round of ads from Japan from the latest issue of Famitsu. No PSP games though but check out this superb two-page ad on Monster Hunter Frontier Online. More ads after the jump.

Monster Hunter Frontier

The online version of the phenomenal series got it’s public beta delayed as the server just can’t handle the load after only one hour. The new date for the beta is now Jun 28. Check out the official website.

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Famitsu Square Enix Party Feature

Famitsu PlayStation booklet for Square Enix Party 2007PSP news has been slow this week, so why not a revisit to the Square Enix Party 2007? The latest issue of the revamped Famitsu PlayStation + (previously Famitsu PS2) includes a 70-page booklet with reports on Square’s annual event last month. There are nothing new here, in fact almost all the screens has been on the Internet for weeks now but I hope these nicer scans will give you a better pictures of your favorite games. Click on the thumbnails below for larger view.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: The star of the show.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Famitsu scanDissidia Final Fantasy Famitsu scan

Dissidia Final Fantasy Famitsu scan

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Playable on the floor and set for release on September 13.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Famitsu scanCrisis Core Final Fantasy VII Famitsu scan

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Famitsu scan

The Last Remnant: Had its thunder stolen by Dissidia Final Fantasy, but this must be the most beautiful PS3 game so far.

The Last Remnant Famitsu scanThe Last Remnant Famitsu scan

The Last Remnant Famitsu scanThe Last Remnant Famitsu scan

Final Fantasy XIII: Same old images, it’s about time Square show something new on their Fabula Nova Crytallis project.

Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu scanFinal Fantasy XIII Famitsu scan

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Famitsu scan

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: We PSP owners get the remakes, DS owners get the sequel.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Famitsu scan

Kingdom Hearts Next: Square make no secret that they are really working on the next Kingdom Hearts game via this Ad.

Kingdom Hearts Famitsu scan

Japanese Gaming Ads Round-Up #04

Another look at the magazine ads in last week issue of Famitsu, dominated by Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou gorgeous artworks. One with Famitsu very own mascot and another official ad from Square Enix. Also in this week are Atlus amazing looking ARPG, Odin Sphere for the PS2.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou Famitsu cover, click for larger version.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou Famitsu ad, click for larger version.

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Star Oceans Revisited

Star Ocean MuseumLet’s face it, this is a wonderful week for all of us PSP fans, thanks in no small part to our buddies at Square Enix. First we got the news that a brand new Final Fantasy (for the PSP!) is in the pipeline, then they surprised all of us by announcing the remakes of the excellent Star Ocean and Star Ocean 2 as Star Ocean First Departure and Star Ocean Second Evolution respectively too!

Since nothing more can be said about Dissidia Final Fantasy until Square Enix releases more information, let’s take a trip back through time and revisit the Star Ocean titles in their original, wonderful glory.

The Beginning – Star Ocean (Star Ocean First Departure)

Star Ocean coverReleased in 1996, Star Ocean was a SNes RPG by the (then) little-known Tri-Ace. Graphically, Star Ocean was ground-breaking stuff and really took the capability of the SNes to its extreme. But what separated the title from the rest was its innovative real-time battle system, as well as being one of the first RPGs to feature multiple endings which are directly dependent on the choices you make with a colorful cast of characters.

The story of Star Ocean takes place on Roak, a planet that is badly hit by a plague that is turning people into stones. The story starts off typically enough. The hero, Ratix Farrence, and his friends are guarding their village against hostile enemies when one of them gets infected with the deadly virus. In a desperate quest to save his friend, Ratix ventures into the unknown to seek for a cure, only to bump into two space travelers from another planet who also happen to be seeking the same cure. Together, they journey into space to seek the origin of the disease. Sure, it sounds far fetched and probably a little cheesy on paper, but I suspect many new gamers will be pleasantly surprised with the unique mixture of fantasy and sci-fi when they get their hands on this baby.

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Japanese Gaming Ads Round-Up #03

Here’s the latest gaming ads from the Famitsu magazine that caught my eyes. Including a preview of what’s in the next issue of Famitsu PSP Vol. 7, a Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou themed wiping cloth for the PSP screen. More ads after the jump.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Famitsu magazine advertisement.

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Revenant Wings PSP Backgrounds

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings is another next big Square Enix release for the DS, the mega publisher has updated the official Japanese website for the game today with three new wallpapers for the PC. I thought it would be cool to have this on the PSP as well, so here are they.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings PSP background

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Japanese Gaming Ads Round-Up #02

With the amount of games that get released every week there, it’s little wonder that the weekly gaming mags can get so thick (thicker than a few of the monthly US mags put together sometime). But one of the reasons can be contributed to the gaming ads that Japanese publishers so willing to advertise, and most of them are really nice. Here’s another batch of the latest ads from Japan. More ads after the jump.

Persona 3: Fes from Atlus

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Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Wallpapers

It would be really nice to have the game on the PSP but for now, a couple of PSP formatted wallpapers from Kingdom Hearts II:Final Mix +.

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + PSP Wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + PSP Wallpaper

Snake In Toy Fair New York

Kojima Productions will be showing the Metal Gear Solid 4 version of Snake action figure for the first time ever in the upcoming Toy Fair New York 2007 which will be held from Feb 11 to Feb 14. Made by Medicom Toy and being supervised by Hideo Kojima himself, the model looks extremely detailed and lifelike. More images after the jump.

Metal Gear Solid 4 action figure

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Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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