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Gundam Musou Official Trailer

Koei and Namco Bandai’s Gundam Musou almost single handedly keeping the PlayStation 3 visible during these painfully slow months for Japanese PS3 owners. The game let players enjoy the fun of the Dynasty Warriors series with Mobile Suits instead of historical figures. It is based on the earlier part of Universal Century and among the animes featured are Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

The official website is now updated with the game official trailer and the first of planned three movies that will focus on a Mobile Suit each with one of the earliest MS, the RX-78-2 in action for the first one. Also in the movie are the various modes in action, Official Mode retold some of the famous scenes from the world famous series while Original Mode features brand new stories told in a different setting from the series. Click here to check out the official website now.

Gundam Musou

WipEout PS3 Work In Progress

WipeoutWhen I bought my PlayStation, one of the first game I got myself was Wip3out, and when I bought PSP two years back, Wipeout Pure was my first game. It started when I know that The Designers Republic was doing some of the in-game graphics, then the fascinating world of the game with its futuristic hover crafts and the lifeless yet interactive tracks really impressed me. Wipeout Pure was one of the best PSP games to be released and the downloadable content gave me a hard time completing the game.

Wipeout Pure sequel for the PSP and an all new PS3 Wipeout rumors have been floating around the Internet long ago and many won’t even call them rumors as the series has been the staple of the PlayStation brand.

Finally a confirmation of the existence of the PS3 version was made by Studio Liverpool internal development director Clemens Wangerin, who told a UK magazine that the new game has “SIXAXIS controls, maybe online multiplayer and downloadable content”. However, he did not mention anything about the possible PSP sequel. It has been a while since we last seen a Wipeout on a console, so I am looking forward for some anti gravity fun on the PS3. Via IGN.

Virtua Fighter 5 Wallpapers For PSP

Sega updated the official Japanese website of their highly anticipated fighting game Virtua Fighter 5 with loads of new wallpapers. I love the characters of fighting games, they are alway so beautiful, even though they look anything but a fighter most of the time. These high resolution wallpapers would be a waste to just stay on your PC, so why not decorate your PSP with your favorite VF characters? Virtua Fighter 5 will be released in Japan next week and Feb 20 for the US. More wallpapers after the jump.

Virtua Fighter 5

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PlayStation Spot Expands

PlayStation SpotSony gives the PlayStation Spot service a major upgrade today via the latest firmware update, which push the version number to 3.10 now. Japanese PSP owners can now download game demos to their memory sticks, download exclusive wallpapers, update their firmware, browse the Internet and play Infrastructure enabled games from PlayStation TV, the kiosks that Sony installed on store front across Japan to promote the PlayStation 3.

As far as PSPs outside Japan are concerned, there is no confirmation on the update but my 1006K PSP detected a new upgrade and I have downloaded the 21mb file. The new changes are listed as below, and although it wasn’t listed here, you can now prevent frequent memory errors while browsing the Internet. This can be changed by launching the Internet browser, press the triangle button to bring up the menu bar, click on Tools > Settings > View Settings and turn on Conserve Memory.

  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded
  • Support for the MPEG-4 AVC format has been added under [LocationFree Player]
  • [Dynamic Normalizer] has been added as a feature under [Sound Settings] in [Settings]

Click here for more information on what the Japanese are getting with the update.

PS3 To Be Launched in Europe & Australasia March 23

PlayStation 3For all the PS3 fans in Europe and Australasia, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) had officially announced the console will be launched in the PAL territories of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia on 23rd March 2007 at a price of EURO 599 (GBP 425, AUD 999.95, NZ 1199.95).

SCEE confirmed that initially only the 60GB model would be available, with the 20GB model to follow later in the year dependent on demand. An expected one million PS3 units will be made available during the initial launch period.

But the real exciting bit is that a stellar line-up of over 30 game titles will be launched together with the console, including titles published by SCEE as well as those from the world’s leading publishers, including Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco Bandai, Sega, Take 2, Ubisoft, Vivendi Universal, and Sony Online Entertainment.

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Devil May Cry 4 English Website Opens

Devil May Cry 4 has seen plenty of updates to its Japanese website since last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the English website was up recently and you can find out more about the duel between new main character Nero and ex-hero Dante, who seems to have gone crazy. There are plenty of information and screens there, including the TGS trailer, so just click here to visit the official website now.

Devil May Cry 4

Famitsu Final Fantasy XIII Reports (Issue 26/1)

Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu ScansHere’s a few scans of Famitsu latest reports on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus III, if you have seen the Dengeki PlayStation versions of the same story, there shouldn’t be too much different in terms of information. IGN have carefully translated everything there is to know about the game so far, so just sit back and enjoy the fantastic rendered art now. More images after the jump and click on them for larger view.

Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu Scans

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More Final Fantasy Goodness From Square Enix?

Final Fantasy XIIIWhile most of the focus of the latest Dengeki PlayStation magazine scans are naturally on Square Enix’s Fabula Nova Crytallis project, not many noted that at the end of the interview, director Motomu Toriyama mentioned about the fact that Final Fantasy is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and there will be a few surprise announcements coming soon (see picture on the above). This set off a series of wild guesses from the Japanese at the 2ch forum, including a sequel for every FF games!

Motomu ToriyamaOn the other hand, PSPFanboy reports that the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine started a little rumor that Square Enix will brings a few titles for the PSP soon which includes remakes and an unexpected brand new FF spin off.

While all these stay as rumors right now, and probably forever, it is no secrets that publishers like anniversaries. Final Fantasy is arguably the biggest franchise in gaming and it is reasonable that Square is putting something together to take the series to a new height, hyping Final Fantasy XIII in the process, picking up from the exposure that Crisis Core and FFT will be getting and thanking it’s legion of PlayStation supporters.

Mist of Chaos Slips Into March

Mist of ChaosIdea Factory first PlayStation 3 game, Mist of Chaos has a firm date now as the publisher just confirmed that the game will come out on Mar 22 in Japan, a slight delay of almost a month from its original schedule in order for the developers to ensure that the game meets the required standard. The official website was updated last week for new details on the game world although it still didn’t revealed much about the strategy role-playing game.

Gundam Musou 1st Screens

Gundam MusouOmega Force, the developers behind the excellent Dynasty Warriors series, is hard at work for the high profile collaboration between Bandai and Koei, a PS3 game called Gundam Musou. As it’s name suggests, the game will bring the power of the Mobile Suits to the hack-and-slash world of Dynasty Warriors (or Shin Sangoku Musou in Japan). It does makes me eager to see how the game would looks like, as both games are literally a world’s apart. The first batch of screenshots were released and the official website has been updated with a Flash placeholder as well. More mechs slashing mechs actions after the jump.

Gundam Musou

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Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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