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Dissidia Universal Tuning TGS 2009 Trailer

No plan to buy Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning at full price? This trailer probably won’t help too :) There are some wallpapers to download at the official website too (PSP versions attached to the bottom of this post).

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Persona 3 Portable: Story, Day-and-Night Cycle & Tartarus Videos

The latest updates

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at Persona 3 Portable‘s official website give us these three new videos. Fans of the music should check out the sound page in the Special section, which also has a couple of cool wallpapers for download.

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Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable Official Theme & Wallpaper

Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable

has a special page for Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable up and it promised to offer two sets of custom themes and wallpapers for PSP. The first set went live earlier today, visit the micro page to get them or download them directly from the links below.

Download (right click and save): Wallpaper (383Kb) | Theme (488Kb)

Persona Wallpaper Galore


Although the game has been out for almost two weeks, Atlus added five new wallpapers to the official Japanese site of Persona and they are actually nice! My favorite above, get the rest after the cut. PC versions are available at this page.

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Ys Seven Official Themes & Wallpapers

Ys Seven

A couple of nice looking Ys Seven PSP custom themes are now available at the official website for the game. Download them from the links below or the Download page of the official site (Ys I&II Chronicles themes and wallpapers also available). The game will be out this September in Japan.

Ys Seven PSP Custom Theme 1
Ys Seven PSP Custom Theme 2
Ys I&II Chronicles PSP Custom Theme

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Yuusha 30 Devil King Demo Tomorrow, Winners of Users Submitted TVC Announced

Don’t like the four TV commercials for Yuusha 30 from Marvelous so far? Check out how users think it should be done above, which is the winner of a recent users voting for fans made TVCM, view the shortlisted entries .

The third demo of the game will be available at the usual places tomorrow (Japanese PSN and PlayStation Spot in Japan). This will lets you check out the strategy game mode, called Maou 30, of the game. There is also a new wallpaper up at the , download it after the jump. Yuusha 30 will be out May 28 in Japan. It’s at but I will probably wait a little for a possible English version announcement.

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Ys I&II Chronicles & Ys Seven Official Sites Launched

Ys I&II Chronicles

Been checking for this since they announced the games but Falcom finally publishes the websites for Ys I&II Chronicles and Ys Seven today. However, only the former has actual info right now, since it will be released first (this July in Japan, PSP wallpapers above and after the jump).

Go: Ys I&II Chronicles and Ys Seven official websites.

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Yuusha 30 Princess 30 Mode Video & Wallpapers

Marvelous just announced that the second demo for Yuusha 30 will arrives on March 27. The demo will lets us check out Oujo30 Mode (Princess 30 Mode), which is a shooting game that features a princess who must find herbs to cure the ailing King in 30 seconds. A video of the mode is now up at the official website (YouTube version above), together with a couple of wallpapers featuring the beautiful princess.

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Wallpaper & Musics At Persona Official Site


Atlus made a couple of minor updates at the official website of Persona. The minimalist wallpaper above (get the PC version here) and a couple of music clips from the “Persona Original Soundtrack CD”, which will be included in the special edition of the game.

Go: Persona Sound


Weekly PS Store Updates: Yuusha 30 Demo

Yuusha 30

Yes, as our Yuusha says above, a demo of Yuusha 30 is coming today and every month from now on, probably one game mode per month. Also keep a look out for next week’s Japanese PS Store as there will be a couple of hot demos, Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid and Resistance: Retribution will be available on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.


Special Features

  • Pulse 2/12 Edition (Free, 269Mb)

Game Videos

Custom Themes

  • LocoRoco 2 Planet Theme (Free)
  • Anime MBM 1 $0.99
  • Anime MBM 2 $0.99
  • Valentine Hearts $1.49


Game Demo


Custom Theme

Add-on Game Content

Downloadable Games

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Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

Buy games (Play-Asia.com)

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JP) $69.90
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Asia) $48.75
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Accessory Set) (JP) $34.90

*Discounted items in bold.

Buy games (YESASIA)

PSP-3000 Console Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Hunter's Model) (Console Only) (JP) $369.99
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JP) $61.99


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