Dissidia Final Fantasy Guide

Here are some beginners guide for Dissidia Final Fantasy based on my quick play through and also Weekly Famitsu’s strategy guide. Be sure to check back as I will add more pages once I’m done writing them.

Battle Screen

Dissidia Final Fantasy

1. Brave Points
The buffer before you take HP damages and also the amount of HP damages that you can inflict on your opponent. It can be increased by attacking your opponent with the O button.
2. HP
Drop to zero and you die.
3. Map Brave Points
The ‘bonus’ Brave Points being offered by the stage you’re fighting on, hit your opponent with O button until his/her Brave Points reaches zero (called ‘Break’ in the game) to grab it. It’s important that you get this or at least prevent your opponent from grabbing this as it normally add hundreds of Brave Points which could turn into a 1,000 plus HP damages per successful hit.
4. Summon
Summon is automatic and will only appear once per fight, it’s damages depend on the amount of Brave Points you have at the time.
5. EX Gauge
Increased by picking up EX Core (blue colored icon that appear on the map occasionally, make it appear closer to you by increasing your LUK value) and EX Force (see below). Launch EX Mode when full.

8. Enemy Direction
9. EX Force
Blue colored dots scattered around after a successful hit or guard.

Brave Vs HP Attack

It’s tempting to just hit the square button to inflict HP damage on your opponent but as you’ll eventually realized, Brave attack with the O button is the only way to win battles in Dissidia. When fighting against higher ranked enemies (or if you want to finish the fight quicker), hitting them with O until their Brave Points reaches zero (called ‘Break’ in the game) is crucial. This will not only steal all his Brave Points but also awards you with all the Map Brave Points, which normally means you suddenly have over 1,000 Brave Points or HP damage that you can inflict on your opponent.

Since HP attack also drains your Brave Points at the same time, it’s probably better for beginners to not be greedy and pursue your enemy with further attack. However, doing so (make Brave attack while your Brave Points is still recovering to it’s basic value) will almost guarantee a Critical hit if successful.


With such a huge battle field, moving to the direction of your enemy faster can be a real problem, especially for characters that ain’t good with range attack. There are two ways to prevent you from floating aimlessly while on air, make sure you equip Air Dash (エアダッシュ, available after Level 4) or Free Air Dash (フリーエアダッシュ, Level 12) in Ability. The latter is especially convenient as you only need to press R and Δ buttons to go right in front of your enemy. The second method is more useful to quickly escape from an attack, press the Δ button when you see yellow arrow that appear on walls or imaginary runways to do so.


Use the analog stick to dodge land attacks. You can even skip behind your enemy by pushing the analog stick towards him if it’s a straight line attack. Evade immediately after an attack will also cancel any weak point that particular attack has. To dodge air attacks, just press the X button.


Not easy to pull off but successful Guard (R button) will make your opponent off balance and also give you some free hits. You can also reflect most of the magic balls attacks with Guard, but just like normal Guard, timing is everything (press R when the ball is about to touch you).


Falling outside of the map (when your character sink into a dark colored water wave) for too long will cut 20% of your Brave Points.

Critical Hit

Making Brave Points attacks after a successful Guard, during EX Mode or when Brave Points is recovering will result in Critical Hit most of the times. Critical Hit damages are five times more than the usual ones.

Special Attacks

The following moves that are automatically triggered while you’re making attack.

Pursuit Attack
Available after a successful hit that send your opponent flying away, pressing the X button when prompted will give you a chance to make another attack mid-air. However, failure to land a hit will give your opponent a chance to do the same on you, which you’ll have to press X to dodge.
Send your opponent crashing into walls or ceilings to deal HP or Brave damage. The damage of each successful hit will be half the amount of the initial hit, until his HP reaches 1.
Attacking moves that take longer time to launch will keep your target from moving away from you.
Guard/Magic Guard
Certain attacks or magics can be reflected to your opponent with Guard (R button).
Some characters (Warrior of Light) will enter ‘god mode’ as they attack.

EX Mode

Dissidia Final Fantasy

When your EX Gauge is full (refill it with EX Core and EX Force), you’ll be able to launch EX Mode. Your HP will recovers a little during this time and attacks by your opponent will be guarded. During EX Mode, press the square button when prompted to launch EX Burst. Depending on the character selected, press the button combination as prompted to inflict even bigger damage on your opponent.

EX Core that is not picked up after while will absorb EX Force in the map and undergoes shape changes over time. Pick it up at this point will immediately refill your EX Gauge to the fullest.


If Summon is set-up in the Summon menu, you’ll be able to use Summon once per battle, it has effects like increasing your Brave Points or reduce your opponent’s Brave Points. However, Summon with the word “Auto” will appear automatically once a specific condition is met and depending on the type of Summon, they have to be ‘rested’ after several uses (you can see this from the Summon menu).

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