Monster Hunter Portable 2nd / Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Guide

This is a little guide I made back in March 2007, when I imported Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, the Japanese version of what is known as Monster Hunter Freedom 2 to the English speaking world. It was meant to record my progress in the most beautiful and addictive PSP game ever and at the same time, hope to offer a little help to those struggled with the Japanese menu.

I am glad that some of you find this useful and link this section in various forums. I will continue to add new content as I discover more of this endless world. Please bear with my rather bad English and errors that might have pop up throughout the section, this is after all, a one-man quest to the deepest game that PSP has ever seen.

This section will continues to base on the Japanese version of the game, but with the release of the English version, I will make changes to several monster/item names to sync with the official English name. Feel free to use the contact form to gives your comments or point out some of my mistakes.

Picture of the Moment


This chef armors of Masasun and the three Lao Shan Lung he is facing make for a really hilarious screen.

Starting a new game

If you have MHP save data in your Memory Stick, then selecting New Game will send you to a little explaination on what can be brought over.

  • Character: Everything but the name of your character can be changed.
  • Items: Rare-3 items will be brought over but Rare-4 and above will be converted to money.
  • Weapons & Armors: Transform into tickets for weapons creation based on rarity.
  • Money: 10% from the total of remaining gold from MHP plus gold from items sold will be carried over.
  • Special Reward: A special kit for your little pig and a special ticket from the farm for weapons creation.
  • Special Reward 2: Connect the game with Monster Hunter 2 on the PS2, you will receive another special ticket for weapons creation.

After creating your characer, the game will ask if you are a beginner (初心者) or seasoned pro (経験者), picking the former will means several extra tutorials for you in the Training School. There won't be any differences in quest difficulties.

...お、目が覚めたか。 After the game intro, you will find your character lying on a bed with a villager standing next to you, he (or she?) will tell you to rest for a few more days in order for you to recover completely.

Click here for the explaination on the menus inside your brand new home.


If you leave your home, the first character you'll meet is a cat.

This and the rest of the cat's dialog tell you that you are in Pokke Village and obviously it's surrounded by those snowy mountains, however it reminds you that the village is not as peaceful as it seems and ask you to check out the village elder for more.

Village Elder

The village elder is the old lady on the top right of the area. She is short and it's quite easy missed her, but she is the one playing with fire outside the Guild Hall.

おお, すっかりよくなったようだの。
雪山に, ハンターが倒れていると報告があった時はびっくりしたよ。
The Village Elder welcomes you to Pokke Village and ask you to get yourself ready for the job of hunter by checking out the Training School at the top left of the area.

Training School

Head to the Training School and these are the dialogs if you are checking it for the first time.

初心者向けの訓練を行います。 Start beginner training.
ハンターの心得 Tips for hunters.
You are being welcomed to the Pokke Village training ground and learn the basic of being a hunter and how to handle weapons here.
初心者演習 Beginner training
村ヘ戻る Return to the village
1/9 - 9/9 These dialogs went on to explain the basic of training.

Press the X button and you get the following menu.

基礎訓練 Basic training
武器の扱い Weapons handling
アイテム整理 Arrange items
ハンターの心得 Hunting tips
訓練終了 Finish basic training