Birth by Sleep: King Mickey, Zack & Multiplayer Details

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

With the game coming out in less than a month’s time in Japan and constantly the most viewed item in (), Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is without a doubt the biggest PSP games since Dissidia Final Fantasy came out late last year. The latest Weekly Famitsu report shared plenty of details about the game, including Mickey Mouse, who are still an apprentice here; the surprise appearance of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII‘s Zack Fair; and last but not least, what we can expect from the multiplayer mode.

Mickey Mouse

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Still an apprentice before becoming a Keyblade Master himself, Mickey Mouse arrived just in time to save Aqua and Kairi from being pursued by the Unversed in Radiant Garden. You will be able to team up with King Mickey for some fight sequences here.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

You’ll be able to unleash Mickey’s Holy Blast through D-Link, a system where your character can “borrow” the power of other characters who are in other dimensions. As shown in the screen above, players simply have to press the button where Mickey’s head overlaps for Holy Blast.

Olympus Coliseum

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

As you probably know by now, besides the younger version of Hercules, you (Aqua) will be able to meet Crisis Core’s protagonist Zack in Olympus Coliseum. Hercules, who is undergoing training from Philoctetes here, appears to know Terra, the leader of the three main characters in Birth by Sleep, and see him as role model. On the other hand, Ventus seems to e very close with Zack and can be seen fighting the Unversed together.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Terra also arrives at Olympus Coliseum, apparently after being lured by the Underworld ruler Hades, and ended up fighting Zack in the coliseum. Obviously, the fighting tournaments, a staple of the coliseum, will be available to see who is the best fighter.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Like Mickey, you will be able to borrow Zack’s swords skills to activate his D-Link called Heroes Pride.

Mysterious Tower

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Home of Yen Sid, master of King Mickey and surprisingly Terra as well, which suggests he is probably one of the Keyblade Masters as well. Donald Duck and Goofy can be seen here too and as usual, they are looking for King Mickey. They suspect Ventus has some connection with Mickey and bring him here too. Both Aqua and Terra will be visiting Mysterious Tower too, one of the screens in the mag shows Yen Sid telling Aqua: “the thing you need to do now is not to protect your friends” while the other showing King Mickey with Terra together.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Terra visited Yen Sid for his extensive knowledge on something which the report didn’t reveals.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

As reported earlier, Mirage Arena will be where most of the multiplayer actions take place and Famitsu shares with us what kind of modes we can expect here. Arena Mode (screen above) supports up to three players and there will be constant stream of powerful enemies appearing that require co-operation from your friends.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

VS Arena Mode supports up to six players and besides free brawl with other you can also team up with two others for Team Battle. There are also special 3-player moves that can be activated by timing your button presses together.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

As shown in the screen above, players can set their own rules. Free brawl means everybody fighting for the best deck while Team Battle let you protect your deck in group.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

D-Link is not reserved for characters in the game but your friends too. By requesting for D-Link from your friends, you can make use of their “Deck Command”, this is especially useful if your level are still low as it allows you to unleash powerful moves.


4 Responses to “Birth by Sleep: King Mickey, Zack & Multiplayer Details

  1. PSmonkey

    man, I so can’t wait to play this game. I’m just fearful it will take 2-3 weeks to show up. Customs after the holidays are slow as ****. Before the holidays I’d have stuff show up from HK in 1 week.

    =( I hope I can get far before VC2 hits at the end of the month (getting that via PSN, no waiting).

    December 20th, 2009 at 12:35 am
  2. Thien

    Yeah, custom delay is really frustrating, I experienced it a few times, and it’s always happened with Square’s releases since they like to put out games in holiday period :) I won’t be getting this though…

    December 21st, 2009 at 9:24 pm
  3. Toby Dutkiewicz

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