Famitsu PSP Slim & Lite Survey

PSP Slim & Lite with 1seg TV Tuner

PSP had a huge spike in sales recently, thanks to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and PSP Slim & Lite, 600,000 units were sold since it’s launch last month, Famitsu threw some questions at the 68 gaming stores they have connection with to find out what gamers like about the new PSP. So here’s some interesting data.

Note: This survey appear on Oct 26th issue of the mag, which is the issue before last.

Most Sold Colors

  1. 17.4% | Piano Black
  2. 17.1% | Ice Silver
  3. 17.0% | Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Limited
  4. 15.4% | Ceramic White
  5. 14.9% | Felicia Blue
  6. 11.3% | Lavender Purple
  7. 06.9% | Rose Pink

% of PSP Software Sales

The % of PSP games in the total number of games sold for all system saw great increases as well, thanks mostly to Crisis Core and MGS PO+.

Aug 27 – Sep 2 4.5%
Sep 3 – Sep 9 4.3%
Sep 10 – Sep 16 30.7%
Sep 17 – Sep 23 26.2%
Sep 24 – Sep 30 19.8%

September Top PSP Games

All new PSP games were quite well received during the month and MHP 2nd, released back in February, had a big spike in sales as well.

  1. 663,820 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  2. 129,873 | Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +
  3. 64,530 | Fate/Tiger Colosseum
  4. 30,168 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Tagforce 2
  5. 28,723 | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd

Games that sold well with Slim & Lite

  1. 51 votes | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  2. 22 votes | Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +
  3. 17 votes | Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
  4. 7 votes | Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
  5. 6 votes | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Did Slim & Lite Meet Expectation?

The sales are unexpected for most of the stores questioned, many of them observed that there were quite a number of “old” PSP owners buying the new model as well.

  1. 62.7% | Unexpected
  2. 35.1% | As expected
  3. 02.2% | Below expectation

Reasons For Buying?

Despite critics on it’s reception, the 1seg TV Tuner was the top reason people getting the new PSP.

  1. 17 votes | 1seg TV Tuner
  2. 14 votes | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  3. 12 votes | Slimmer and lighter
  4. 10 votes | Previous owners changing their system
  5. 09 votes | TV output

1seg TV Tuner Sales

It seems that many store owners already knew that 1seg TV Tuner will be a hit among new PSP buyers.

  1. 46.2% | As expected
  2. 40.3% | Unexpected
  3. 13.5% | Below expectation

Will PSP strong sales continue?

The most recent sales numbers already said no to this, although at around 60,000 units, it is still much higher than usual sales pre-Slim & Lite. Here’s what the store owners’ predicted, with the main reason for “No” being the lack of big titles.

  1. 43.3% | No
  2. 35.4% | Not sure
  3. 21.3% | Yes

Finally, the magazine highlighted some of the comments made by the store owners, here’s a few interesting ones:

  • More games like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd needed
  • The new models attracted quite a number of female buyers as well
  • Hope there are games that will support the 1seg TV Tuner
  • How about some limited edition colors?
  • Add record function to the TV Tuner
  • Current colors are too similar to NDS, some PSP exclusive colors would be nice
  • Games for the holiday season are severely lacking
  • Third party games has been quite successful on the PSP, hope there will be more games from them

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