God Eater Burst: The True High Speed God Eater

After more than half a million copies sold, God Eater is going to have an expansion this Fall with God Eater Burst, something like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd if you like. First announced during God Eater Fes 2010 few days ago, Burst will available both as a full game or “Append” version, which cost 2100 Yen (around $24) only. Though you will need the original game to play the Append version. I have high hopes that

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when the English version get released next year, it will be based on this enhanced version. Read on if you want to find out more about the upgrades.

God Eater Burst

Weekly Famitsu interviewed Producer Yusuke Tomizawa and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura to find out more about the expansion. “Since the first game went on sale, we received plenty of feedback from the users and we learn a lot from these comments. The development team feels 'This should be the right way to do it.' In order to produce a 'complete' version of God Eater and lets gamers experience the true fun of the title again, we decided to start this project.” says Tomizawa, who went on to explain some of the enhancements: “Beside various enhancements and revisions to the game system, we have included more content to every part of the game. We also added brand new features that didn't make it to the original game. For existing players, they can experience the game in a 'fresh' way while new players will get a much friendlier game. It's a title that try to satisfy players in every way possible.”

God Eater Burst

God Eater BurstGod Eater BurstGod Eater BurstGod Eater Burst

Apparently there has been so many changes that this expansion can not be done through DLC, of which the game has received a few since its release last February in Japan. So what does the “Burst” in the title means? Something to do with the Burst Mode in the game? Although the guys didn't reveal this during the interview, it was confirmed at God Eater Fes 2010 that there will be indeed new actions to Burst Mode (screens above).

Was the first game too hard for you? The team is working on the game balance to better suit those who are not good with action games. This is archived by not only lowering the difficulty level a little but also allows players to upgrade their gears easier. Partners' AI has also been improved for this.

Is there any changes to the attacking moves? “We have made plenty of adjustments to this. The end result is a God Eater that further enhanced the feeling of 'High Speed' and players will say 'This is real speed'” according to Yoshimura. Obviously, there will be more weapons and costumes to choose from, some of which doubled the amount of the original game.

God Eater BurstGod Eater BurstGod Eater BurstGod Eater Burst

There will an 'all new story' (above) and also new type of Aragamis (Hannibal is shown below). Also expect some sort of 'Data Exchange' with the first game and also ability to view certain scenarios again.

God Eater Burst

God Eater BurstGod Eater Burst

Though not covered in the interview, Avatar Card (above), which records your achievement in the game, will be introduced.


2 Responses to “God Eater Burst: The True High Speed God Eater

  1. Angel Mass

    Im looking forward this game, Lord of Arcana and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    July 24th, 2010 at 12:23 pm
  2. Kyon

    Welcome Back Thien San :D

    July 26th, 2010 at 5:01 pm

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