MHP 3rd: How Jinouga Attacks, Weapons Enhancements & Airu Customization

Monter Hunter Portable 3rd

Reading the latest Weekly Famitsu's report on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd officially get me excited about the game, which is still set for end of this year in Japan. The 12 weapons are the focus of this report but Jinouga, the cover monster for the title gets a little bit of updates too. So read on to find out how the four-legged giant will attack.


Monter Hunter Portable 3rdMonter Hunter Portable 3rd

With a lengthy tail like that, it's not hard to guess that there will be a tail whip (above left, click for larger view) and as usual, a direct hit will probably a trip back to the camp. Forward dash (above right) is another common attacking move for bigger size monster in the series that Jinouga possess, Famitsu says it will run towards you in straight line.

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdMonter Hunter Portable 3rd

Another attacking move that makes use of its enormous weight is body stomp (above left) that can throw away any hunter nearby. Finally (at least in this report), continuous kicks (above right) from its fore legs that Famitsu guesses will bring instant kill if hit, not hard to imagine with the large claws it possesses. Personally, Jinouga seems like a weird combination of different monsters complete with the human-like face. It lacks the distinct shapes found in Tigarex or Narugakuruga and this report didn't reveal enough attacking moves to differentiate it from other big size monsters like Monoblos.

Monsters (Rioreia is used to demonstrate this in the report) will get tired like regular hunters when their stamina become low after a long battle. When in this condition, they start to spit saliva and their attacks will sometimes fail. They will also run for food in other areas to recover themselves.

Keiryuu (Mountain Stream)

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The Jinouga screens above reveals more about Keiryuu (Mountain Stream), the new original map for MHP 3rd. This is possibly the most varied map so far in the series, the nine areas in the map include jungle, bamboo forest, cave, rocky and wet areas. Capcom also implement the more colorful and informative mini map found in Monster Hunter 3 (tri).

Blade and Shield

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdBesides new combos, you can now hit monsters with your shield to lower their stamina. The

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monster in the screen is Roarudorosu from MH3.

Dual Sword

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdDevil Dance has been powered up to be more powerful, both offensive and defensively. Called Devil Dance Advance, it also quicken your dodging actions and allows for new types of combos.

Great Sword

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdMy favorite weapon doesn't seems to gain many new moves apart from a new horizontal slash with the side of the blade that can reduce the stamina of monsters if hit.

Long Sword

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdYou can now move right or left while slashing away with the Long Sword, a weapon famous for its Spirit Gauge. When its fully charged, your attack damage will increase in stages, with stage four being the most powerful one.

Slash Axe

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdSlash Axe seems to be getting quite a bit of refinements after its debut appearance in MH3. When in Sword Mode, you can attach bottles to the weapon for extra effects. New bottles in MHP 3rd include poison and one that will reduce monster's stamina.


Monter Hunter Portable 3rdThe introduction of stamina concept for monsters is likely to increase the popularity of Hammer. According to the report, most of hammer's attack is capable of reducing monsters' stamina.

Hunting Horn

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdCapcom is revamping the recital system for Hunting Horn. Besides its new look, successful attack can earn you notes to repeat the same tune again. Extra moves like direct hit from above are added to give the weapon special effects like draining monsters' stamina.


Monter Hunter Portable 3rdYou can now move forward while defending with Lance and although a little risky, it can be chained with shield attack to deal with a charging monster. Improvements are being made to counter attack moves too.

Gun Lance

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdCapcom is making efforts to ensure the user friendliness of Gun Lance. You can now quickly reload one bullet immediately after a shot and this can also be chained with uppercut attack that set-up a devastating attack to fire all bullets at once.

Light Bowgun

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdThe gadget-centric Light Bowgun doesn't seem to get as many new upgrades as other weapons.

Heavy Bowgun

Monter Hunter Portable 3rdYou can now kneel and shoot with Heavy Bowgun, which allows you to fire in quick succession. However, one huge disadvantage with this move is obviously immobility.


Monter Hunter Portable 3rdThe brand new curve shot allows you to shoot from higher ground. New type of bottles give effects like reducing the stamina of monsters.

Otomo Airu

Monter Hunter Portable 3rd

The revamped Otomo Airu system is being promoted once again and this time, we get to see some of the gears that our naughty cats will get.


5 Responses to “MHP 3rd: How Jinouga Attacks, Weapons Enhancements & Airu Customization

  1. Pedro91

    Keep up the good work ! :)

    August 15th, 2010 at 10:50 pm
  2. brickcap

    I wonder if the the monster’s stamina will reduce permanently or will regenerate like their human counterparts

    August 16th, 2010 at 12:46 pm
  3. Thien

    yes, they regenerate once they found their food or escape from being attacked.

    August 16th, 2010 at 9:00 pm
  4. Angel Mass

    I just cant wait for this game. Im kind of confused about Jinougas size, in some screen captures he looks huge, and in some others he looks small lol

    August 19th, 2010 at 11:23 am
  5. fr4nz

    this game can’t come soon enough….

    August 19th, 2010 at 10:26 pm

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