Patapon 2 Content Doubled, Will Be Friendlier

Patapon 2

I found Patapon to be extremely hard at time, remember the Desert Crossing stage? Phew… it prompted Sony to explain the level in their official blog and took me hours to figure things out. Good that in the Weekly Famitsu interview on Patapon 2, which has been put online today, designer Hiroyuki Kotani acknowledge that some parts of the game are challenging and players have complained it to him. In Patapon 2, which is still a working title, the developers will introduce some buffers for mistimed beats so that players will be warned when they start to make mistakes. More from the interview after the jump.

Source: Famitsu

Patapon 2

The idea for the sequel stemmed from the fact that there are many areas in the first game that the developers wish to improve upon after reading many reactions from blogs or message boards. Actual brainstorming for the sequel began while the English version of the first game is being made and start to take shape when Kotani received a call from a SCE producer to give the game multiplayer modes.

Patapon 2

One of the reason multiplayer wasn’t in the first game is due to the fact that it’s hard to differentiate the Patapons from each other on an extremely busy screen. So Hero Patapons, each with their unique colors and shapes, were introduced to solve the problems. As reported before, the multiplayer is between four players and requires players to safely deliver an egg (obtained during single player missions) to a destination. Inside the egg are crucial items that Patapons from the other side of the world needed, so the multiplayer will usually take place where two different Patapon worlds meet. When enemies are encountered, players can put down the egg and fight together.

Patapon 2

The single player mode will still has the Patapons march towards the end of the world but there will be more stories on why they need to do so. Hero Patapons will get their own special abilities and seems to be the most powerful Patapons. But Kotani is quick to add that there are more enemies now and they are also much more stronger. The stages has been doubled as well. The game is currently being planned for winter release in Japan and it seems that there will be more new elements than what currently being revealed, can’t wait to find out.

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