Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 Is Your ‘Personal RPG’

With over 80 characters from the Tales of series (up from 50 of the previous game), Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 is truly a festival that we can look forward to… if you know enough of Japanese that is :( The second game never made it out of Japan so don't count on this one either.

Another Kanonno (each game in the series has a different lead with the same name) will head the Guild again and your customized character is yet another fella who lost his/her memories. According to Producer Takashi Otachi, although they look almost the same, each Kanonno has a theme. “She was full of energy like 'summer' in the previous game. As for this game, she is 'autumn'. We also asked Aya Hirano the voice actor to make her feel more motherly”. Apparently there will be some sort of 'secret' to the latest Kanonno and it will be revealed later.

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3

As usual, expect to spend some time in the improved character making screens. Ruminashia is the world where more than 80 Tales of characters gather and Tales of Eternia's Van Eltia will be your base again. As shown in the trailer above, you can now play in top view and there will be some sorts of gimmicks in the dungeons to make it feel more like a traditional Tales of game.

The list of characters currently include Asvel Lhant (Tales of Graces), Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia), Judith (Tales of Vesperia), Kohak Hearts (Tales of Hearts), Norma Biatty (Tales of Legendia) and Chelsea Tone (Tales of Destiny). Otachi says that not all new characters are added based on their popularity. “To cater for the game balance, we also added character from different job classes. These surprised characters will surely make players enjoy the game.”

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3

However, Namco don't just borrow characters from previous game in the series but also their battle system (Free Run and Tales of Graces' Around Step are being mentioned in the Famitsu article). 'Thanks to the works that being put into data compression, we managed to include more actions from previous games in the Tales of series despite the huge increase of new characters' adds Otachi.

Infrastructure is mentioned in the Famitsu article but it's most likely refer to data download like the previous game. You can also interact with other players through the official communication feature in the game. Otachi also mentioned that players who still have the save data of the first two games in their memory stick will have 'something good happen to them'.

Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 is currently only 30% done and will be out sometime next year in

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One Response to “Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 Is Your ‘Personal RPG’

  1. brickcap

    Hey is this being developed by Alfa System like the previous titles.

    August 17th, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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