.hack//Link Getting Substantial Improvement From Demo


This is why we have been getting demo of upcoming Japanese PSP games way early than their actual release date. Like Senjou no Valkyria 2 (aka Valkyria Chronicles 2) and God Eater before, CyberConnect2 is making a of improvements for .hack//Link, the final game based on the long running series.


The enhancements are minor stuff to make the game user friendlier and also battle system fine-tuning but is long so this should make the final game a much better experience when it comes out next week in Japan.

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Anticipating The Final .hack Game

.hack//LinkSelected from more than 20 options, Megane Kikuya’s final illustration for .hack//Link box art (click for larger view) is certainly a great piece of art. “I purposely picked deeper colors to point out the scale of this RPG. There are 11 characters in the illustration, four of them drawn in full body, this is the most time consuming work I have done in my life.” she says.

I’m hardly a big .hack fans but this title grabbed my attention for some reasons. The game is apparently the final episode in the series and will have our hero Tokio travel back in time to meet all the characters from the series and partner with more than 30 of them in the game for their adventure. The recent Weekly Famitsu (online version ) report look into its “Cross Over Events” and revealed a couple more characters. There is also an interview with series creator and CyberConnect2 boss Hiroshi Matsuyama, who says that while there will be manga and animes of the series in the future, this will be the last .hack game… unless .hack//Link “sold too well and someone order him to make a game”.

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Scans Reveal .hack//Link Battle System & Multiplayer


Still remember .hack//Link? The highly anticipated PSP game based on the .hack series from CyberConnect 2 has been quiet for quite sometime but the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has a 4-page feature that share plenty of details about the ARPG.

The feature starts with a few scenes from the opening anime that Studio 4°C is working on and also a recap of what have been revealed before this. Grand Whale will be the base for Tokio and friends in the game, players can visit shop, check e-mails and also assign team mates (more than 30 of them are available) here. It is also possible to level up the ship.

Moving on to the battle system. The bar below the HP gauge of the enemies is called Break Gauge. When it reaches zero, Tokio can unleash a powerful follow-up attack with his party members while the enemy is floating using Unison Combo.

Unison Combo requires players to input commands based on icons displayed above the Timing Gauge (located near the bottom of the screen). Another advantage of Unison Combo is it can be used to build up the Cross Rengeki meter on the right of the screen, which when it reaches MAX, will gives you the game’s highest finishers.

Another gauge to look at during battle is Link Gauge, which indicates “Confidence” between Tokio and his party members. Higher Link Gauge and Confidence will gives you various advantages during battles. A couple of bosses were shown. There’s also something called Personal Act, which I’m not quite sure what it does. Finally, the game will features local multiplayer called Link Play, in which three players can take on highly difficult dungeons.

.hack//Link still has no release date or price in Japan. Click on the thumbnails below for full view.


Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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