Persona 3 Portable: Story, Day-and-Night Cycle & Tartarus Videos

The latest updates at Persona 3 Portable‘s official website give us these three new videos. Fans of the music should check out the sound page in the Special section, which also has a couple of cool wallpapers for download.

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S.E.E.S & Battle Scenes In New Persona 3 Portable Scans

Persona 3 Portable

Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S) and the battle system get the focus in the latest Weekly Famitsu report of Persona 3 Portable. Full details later, click on the thumbnails for full view.

Persona 3 PortablePersona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable Official Site Explains Differences Between Male & Female Protagonist

Atlus updated the official website of Persona 3 Portable with a couple of new videos explaining the different scenarios you’ll get when choosing either a male or female protagonist.

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Persona 3 Portable Debut Trailer & Screens

Though always uncomfortable to look at, those scenes of students firing gun shots at their head in Persona 3 are one of the most memorable moment in gaming for me. And as the stunning opening movie (theme song by Shūhei Kita, who also performed the opening song of Persona: Trinity Soul) above shows, we can now experience the game on the go. Persona 3 Portable will be out in Japan this November 1st, together with the launch of PSP Go in the country. has also published part of their mag article online with a few screens. Check them out after the jump.

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Persona Launches In US This September, OST Included


Atlus has set the release date of the US version of Persona at September 22nd and remember the cool 2-disc soundtrack that Japanese gamers get for pre-ordering the game? It will comes with every launch copy of the US version, great news for fans of Syoji Meguro, the music composer for the series and also the director of the game. Check out some of the new English screens that come with the news release.

Update: has the game, including the OST, available for pre-order at only .



E309: Persona PSP First English Screens


Hope we don’t have to wait too long for Persona (Q3 is still the release window), check out the first batch of English screens.


Persona Director Meguro On Digital Radio Show


How many of you are playing the Japanese version of Persona? The game’s director, Syoji Meguro (above left), who are more famous for his music works on Megami Tensei series, is the guest for a recent episode of a digital radio show hosted by famous seiyu Tomokazu Sugita (above right, Nico Nico user can listen to it here). The duo discuss about the PSP game and the series in general, has more pictures of the recording session.

Persona Wallpaper Galore


Although the game has been out for almost two weeks, Atlus added five new wallpapers to the official Japanese site of Persona and they are actually nice! My favorite above, get the rest after the cut. PC versions are available at this page.

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Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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