Princess Yggdra In Knights in the Nightmare

Fans of Sting’s works will be happy to know that Princess Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz from Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone will have a special scenario in Knights in the Nightmare if you have the save data of the former in your memory stick. Game will be out for PSP in Japan this April, the new PSP opening movie is shown above.

Knights in the NightmareKnights in the Nightmare

GTI Club World & Knights in the Nightmare PSP Incoming

Weekly Famitsu

A couple of interesting new PSP titles can be found in the upcoming issue of Weekly Famitsu. Konami popular arcade racer GTI Club is going handheld with the title GTI Club World while Sting’s strategy game Knights in the Nightmare is getting a PSP version. Been wanting to get the later for my DS but will wait for this instead now :) Will post updates later.

Hexyz Force Flashy Overkill Gameplay

Two days before its Japanese release, Atlus and Sting show off Hexyz Force‘s flashy Overkill attack with this gameplay video. Also posted a couple of story trailers after the jump. Game is looking great and seems to be fun enough, check out the updated screenshots gallery here.

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A Couple of Hexyz Force Gameplay Videos

Didn’t check out Hexyz Force for quite sometime but these two videos reminds me why I am quite interested in the RPG from Sting. Looks like to me too for some reasons. The game will be out early next month in Japan.

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Hexyz Force: New Story & Character Videos

Hexyz Force probably won’t make headlines when it’s release this November in Japan but an original fantasy RPG from Sting is always a good thing and I’m starting to like the story a lot. A couple of character videos after the jump.

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Animated Scenes & Gameplays In Hexyz Force New Promo Movie

Sting is making an old school RPG for us and it’s called Hexyz Force. After the great battles between the God of Destruction and God of Creation, the world (called Berge, translation might not be correct) is being divided into light and darkness with only the Valley of Darkness separates them. Players select one of the two main characters at the beginning of the game, and they come from different side of the world. The story will develop differently based your selection, converging near the end but you’ll get different endings depending on the “balance between creation and destruction” according to the Famitsu mag report earlier. The release date is November in Japan, some character intro movies after the jump.

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Watch Sting's New RPG Hexyz Force Opening Movie

And some direct feed screens from after the jump. Hexyz Force is an original RPG unveiled in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, will post more info later as usual.

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Hexyz Force: Cool New RPG From Sting & Atlus

Hexyz Force

Some really cool character design from Sunaho Tobe (portfolio page here) up there. Hexyz Force is a new RPG to be revealed in tomorrow’s issue of Weekly Famitsu with Atlus the publisher and Sting the developers.

The adventure will takes place in a world of light and darkness with our heroes, collectively known as Hexyz, inherited the power of god. Depending on the characters you choose at the beginning of the game, there will be a big difference in the story development, which consists of four different parts. Will write more on this when I have the mag.

As you can see from the screens in the picture above (click for larger view), you can pick three characters from your party for battle, which is command-based. You can also assign their position (front, center or rear) during battle through a grid. This will have impact on the amount of hits they take. You’ll earn FP (Force Point) after every battle and they can be used to for weapon upgrade.

Hexyz Force is currently 95% done and will be out in Japan on November 12th. Looks pretty good eh?

Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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