Tales of VS: Cotton Candy Is The Best Jump Weapon

Tales of VS.

The final pre-release report of Tales of VS. in the latest issue of Shonen Jump (click for full view) is the official announcement of a special website for players to download “SP Battle”. Players can also download special weapons from the site with a password and the first such weapon is a Cotton Candy, which apparently is the best jump weapon for the game (the password for this is JUMPSPBATTLEWJVJ). To connect, just click “Connection” on the Mode Select screen of the game and “Network Communication” on the next screen. Tales of VS. is out this Thursday in Japan.

Tales of VS: More Character Trailers

There have been plenty of updates at Tales of VS. official website, five more character videos are added and you can also check out the Collection menu. The game is coming out early next month in Japan.

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Tales of VS: Dhaos, Barbatos & Mint Are In

Tales of VS.A couple more characters for Tales of VS. will be revealed in the upcoming issue Shonen Jump (left). They are Tales of Phantasia‘s Dhaos and Tales of Destiny 2‘s Barbatos Goetia. With another Tales of Phantasia character Mint Adnade being shown on the cover of the special edition DVD at Amazon Japan (direct link here), we should have only one more slot before the roster (full list here) is complete, hope I’m not wrong again :)

Note: Mint info from the our always informative reader Yuan :) Thanks!

Update: As IAmRauizu and Ryo Valdurin (thanks!!) pointed out below, I missed out Tales of Innocence‘s Iria :)

Tales of VS: Overlimits & Mini-Game Videos

See how stylish Overlimits, available once your TP Gauge (the green bar) is full, are in Tales of VS. Another video that got added to the updated official website is one of the mini-games, called Tales of Wall Breaker, see it after the jump.

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Tales of VS: Watch Lloyd & Co. Fight

Five new character videos being added to Tales of VS. official website.

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Tales of VS: Kohak, Farah & Caius Are In

Tales of VS.

Kohak Hearts (Tales of Hearts), Farah Oersted (Tales of Eternia) and Caius Qualls (Tales of Tempest) are the latest characters checking into Tales of VS. based on a scan of the latest issue of Shonen Jump. If I haven’t missed out anything (terribly busy with works recently), the character count currently stands at 31 (full list here), with four more to be revealed before its August 6th release in Japan. Also check out the two new videos for Survival Battle and Single Battle after the cut.

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Tales of VS: Philia, Mao, Nanaly & Jade In Action

Only weeks away before its big release so Namco step up their video content upload on Tales of VS. official website.

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Tales of VS: Yggdrasill Battle Mode & Item Usage Videos

Check out videos of Tales of VS‘ story mode (officially called Yggdrasill Battle Mode) and also the frantic race for items

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on stage (video after the cut).

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Tales of VS: Judith & Arche In Action

Here’s your daily Tales of VS. video feeds :) ‘s Judith (above) and Tales of Phantasia‘s Arche (after the cut) are the new characters being added to the official website.

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Tales of VS: Shopping And Edit Mode Trailer

We saw the screens earlier and here’s a video on how you can edit your character stats and buy special skills for them in Tales of VS.

Click here for a translation of Famitsu's Solarobo report.

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